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Oct 28, 2012 11:00pm PDT
sandy is lifting up and just scraping by that eastern third of the united states. and at this particular time the hurricane-force winds excontinued out 510 miles. that is covering a lot of real estate. feeling the winds in new york city and jersey. so, where will the landfall be? at this time it looks like it could change but after making a little bit of an eastern move out towards the ocean it goes right back towards landfall around atlantic city and it looks like it wants to hang out this for quite some time with the lowering pressure. we are anticipating a foot of rain. right now the hurricane has winds 75 miles an hour, gusting up to 90. it decreases a little bit. and we are looking at record high storm surplg that are causing catastrophe -- surging that are causing catastrophe flooding through the new york area and the sound. for us we are going into a different weather pattern. we have the return of the low clouds, patchy fog. overcast tomorrow morning, dense fog for openers, could see more airport delays in the morning hours, this is an area of low pressure. breaking do
Oct 6, 2012 11:00pm PDT
sympathizers here in the united states and have them trained in explosive training and frankly soldier training. >> reporter: two other defendants entered not guilty pleas. one of them is charged with terrorist conspiracy in connection with the embassy bombings in 1998 in tanzania. >> he received the statement of responsibility for the bombing three days before the bombing actually happened. >> reporter: this is the second time an egyptian born islamic preacher was brought to this court to answer charges. a sheik was convicted here in 1995. but this case is the culmination of several years of trying to get abu hamza al- masri and the other four suspects expedited from the uk. richard reed, the infamous shoe bomber and september 11 conspirator zachariah were followers of him. the five terrorists were expedited to the u.s. under tight security. >>> another launch into space, this time by the private california-based company space x. the dragon capsule will deliver a thousand pounds of supplies to the international space station. launch time is set for tomorrow at 5:30 at cape can
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2